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Herman Brood

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Hello mamma don't blame me
If i look a lil'
Out of control
But life as a rock 'n roll idol
Is worse than livin'
In a tell tale hole

Last night
As i flew my jet fighter
Some ramblin'
Jarred upon my ear
Tell me ma
Was it plain suspicion
Or real lightnin' i did fear

The company
Is proud of me
I'm the best sellin'
Act around
Talkin' trash to the press
Workin' my ass off
From town to town

Hey man take a smoke
Take a line
Y'r songs are out a sight
Of course we're gonna
Make you a star
Don't you worry bout
The copyright

Watch y'r step now
Y'r gonna be trapped
In some rock 'n roll jive
Y'r gonna be in trouble
Y'r gonna be
Buried alive
Buried alive

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