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The Chicharones

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Date de parution : 01/06/2012

Durée : 0:04:02

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Verse 1
Jm: hi hello, its great to meetcha. im starving
Lets go get some pizza. i hate close talking.
In-ear yelling, volume swell with beer swilling
Well drinks and well-wishing, all this beer-spilling and bellringing.

We built up a legend travel bedouin style.
The people did us wrong, they regretting it now.
And everybody helping out cause were community bound
And the chichis working out is like everybodys winning.

Well always be humble, its a gift weve been given.
Take everything in stride, take a room and uplift it.
We give. you give. you love. we love to give back.
We are. you are. the reason: love is back!

I was you in the front row just dreaming
Getting lost in the music letting all my troubles leave me
Its true. if youre still dreaming right you.
We all one together underneath this roof!
Burn it, burn it down, burn it, burn it down,
Burnin burnin burning down the walls around you.
Glad to know ya, glad to know ya (4x)

Verse 2
Sleep: hey... hey hey everybody! let me say thanks.. thanks for picking me up so high!
I chased and chased but not for nothing
Ive stumbled a couple times but still ill make the finish line.
I promise ill get it ill never forget that i couldnt of done it without you.
I live it, i rep it, i feel it in my bones.
Been turning over stones, looking for a place to bury my poem...
Before it buries my soul.
Wait a minute, on a bit of an amazing journey.
Whenever the finish going to get it independent with a couple of friends we win!
Ive never had anything and still i have everything
And ill never let down the people who believe or depend on me no!

Verse 3
Sleep: man, i gotta really good idea here. why dont we get a van
And lose everything we have touring for eleven years?
Jm: yeah, that sounds fresh. ill get a credit card and hold the debt,
Then well never be on time for sound check.
Sleep: bet! were really good at this planning stuff. ill plan for america
Jm: ill plan canada
Sleep: what time should i call?
Jm: well, i usually wake up around noon...
Sleep: me too
Jm: were the early bird crew.
Sleep: i dont think anything can stop us with this kind of determination!
Jm: plus we got patients like a hundred nurses waiting.
No immigration problems, im a dualie
Sleep: one of these days.
Jm: our lives will be.
Sleep: like the movies.

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