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The Confession

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Date de parution : 07/03/2007

Durée : 0:04:33

Style : Rock

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(verse 1)
They heard the virgins weeping,
Down to town square we go!
There they'll be cleansed by fire!
I know your yearning to burn the virgin!
Let's bring the morales back to,
Back to the town we know.
Nothing is ever sacred,
My final warning, to you i will sing.
I've got the time to lie,
I've lost my faith in you!
These city lights show me what's true!
And it's time for you and i to die!
The city's eating us alive!

And we're running from the start,
We the blackest ice.
Running from what we can change.
Abandon the empire,
You sound the bell,
Bring on hellfire, you might as well.
I'll be singing to the slums.
Sing with me!

(verse 2)
Whores stole the morales laughing,
Into the ground they'll go.
And i shall be the cleasing,
Taste her sickness.
Yeah i get this!
And i want you purest virgins.
You know they need me too!
Cuase it's been hard to resist,
The father of lies will die tonight!
And it's time for you and i to die!
The city's eating us alive!
This shithouse is going up in flames,
And i'll never be the same!


And when we sleep,
We're all so weak!
Because we can't shake the sadness that seeps!
Put on your mask.
We'll fake it past!
But you'll never wash my heart away!


And we're running....running from what we can change!
And we're running!

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