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Diggy !)
Stay fresh , you can smell it on me.
Peep the way i dress yeen ( you aint)
Got this homie.van assche's up on my feet. some monster beats
And they made by me. i'm all bout can't talk bout it . till silto and go that feen (?)
They all struck when they see me . got em going crazy like stevie. not like joseline
But got lots of them. and i stay with a couple of rih rih's and i ain't even talking retarded but that body is
She said she know i'm 17 but can't wait till i get started! and that aint even what i'm trippin off.
Fourth tour that i'm kickin off . we rest after the jet lag and these fresh tags i'm rippin off . i rip em off ....
Cats out here with a lotta fierce. they lookin' hard but spittin' soft.shout to the homie showin' us love in the day (?) had the line around the conner in the hood and ...(?) you see diggy out in philly so shout out to homie meek . had him come out to my show before he got signed to mmg . see i'll tell you what you wanna know. i just seen homie cole. he said he aint doin' much too. and hey i let it go. you know that i'm smart enough not to get swallowed up by crazy gossipers. tryna make it popular. no amateur.
See, you aint gonna catch me slippin' on that camera. ain't feelin' none these young boys i'm no sandusky.
Slow flow for my stamia brief . ya'll keep talkin' bout my first week. idk why ya'll bother. sold out show this year
Cheapest seat 10 times that by 3 tho. times that but like 18.and i aint even 18 . so why you hatin on me? ya'll made to be majorly and creativly able because the greatest enabled me when he came out in '83. and so basically haters be made up of fakery. not as mad they say to be. when they see there neighborly.
Like stop.shhhh we aint carin when you pop. shhhh we aint carin' when you drop. shhhh........ we aint grinnin' we runnin' steady trying to win. better let that just burn. let that just brun x3.
Yeah homie . im out here gettin' money and i aint even 20. and i dump my soul in return. (?) better le tthat just burn.

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