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Burnin desire
Just give me one reason
Sometimes i feel u dont love me
Oh yeah, baby, hold on
To the ones that really care

Just prove ur power of love, hey girl
And ill be anythin u need.

Ive got the burnin desire inside
Touching u i feel it all again
Ive got the burnin desire inside
Loving u makes me feel so good
Weve got somethin goin on and on

After all this time
I dont know why nothin changes from ur heart
Somethin inside u, has died
Uve only got my heart on string.
I think its time to let me know now
If ur love is real (x2)

Seem to care, what ur heart is for
But just u tell me, and ill be right there gone are the days, when makin love was just for fun
Theres a calm before the storm.

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