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Date de parution : 15/12/2008

Durée : 0:03:47

Style : Rock

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Music: mt lyrics: jb
Death has beckoned you to hell
You can't escape my evil spell
Past the gates, evil fate
Into the depths cast to burn
Unseen terror life of doom
Tragic, black magic
Sorrow in your afterlife
Victim of your sins tonight
My grasp, will last
Nightmares of eternity
Forgotten souls and tirrany
You lived now die
No life no death no future here
Infinite horror screams of fear
You flesh, deacyed
Run and hide there's no relief
Pounding hearts is full of grief
Screams, dreams
No one hears you scream at night
Demons own your soul with might
Illusions, delusions
Roasted in the flames of hell
Beware the cast the evil spell
Burning, yearnning
Dreams become reality
You can't outlive infinity
Burning in hell
Solo : mt solo : ll
Prowling through the night
Like a bad dream
Stalking out your prey
Hear the victims scream
Driven by a vision
Ruling your domain
Lurking in the shadows
Driving you insane
Know that you're not crazy
Nothing you remember
Mind is so blank
And your thoughts become a hinder
Know there's something evil
Hiding in your mind
Waiting for that moment
To sneak up from behind

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