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I Divide

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Date de parution : 09/10/2011

Durée : 0:03:36

Style : Rock

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Take this all away. spread my wings and fly. watch my world decay, now i see so clearly. the fear you have inside is relief inside my mind. ive broken from these prison gates, redemptions on my side.
We both know its set in stone and theres no way out, theres nowhere left to go. you better rest assured im gonna make you see a different side and theres one thing you should know

No, i wont be fooled again. i will not be your friend. i guess that everything you said was a lie. you can take my world but you will never own my soul, not until the sun burns out the sky.

People always say the truth will be your fight. the secrets in my head will not help me sleep tonight. im burning out the sky so you can see my face. ive tried ive cried ive broken down but never left a trace.
We both know its set in stone and theres no way out, theres nowhere left for you and your ego to grow inside my mind and haunt me. you think that you have it all, but youll never know you have taken youve deceived me i have walked out of the door theres no time for second chances, i have finally set the score.

I wont let you take this away. its too late, theres no where to go. my mind is out of control. you are the reason that i cannot live with you.

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