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Date de parution : 09/02/2004

Durée : 0:03:3

Style : Heavy Metal

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"this body may incriminate;
I move that we incinerate.
It's best that we remove all trace
Of everything that's taken place.
This dubious experiment,
Whose ending was so violent:
A chemical malign and dread
Able to revive the dead."

"general, with all due respect
Your reasoning is incorrect
This rash decision must be checked
Burning the body
We have no way to theorize
What complications may arise
I vehemently disadvise
Burning the body
If we let the fumes escape
The problems that this may create
Aren't easy to anticipate
Burning the body
These chemicals dissolved in rain
Could seep into a thousand graves
And trigger off a zombie plague!"
Burning the body

"son, what makes you think you oughta
Disobey a direct order?
It's my responsibility
To maintain total secrecy."

Slashing down
Filling boxes
In the ground
What's that scrabbling sound?
I don't like this!

Watching the flames rise
Flinching as hope dies
Stoking the furnace
Ashes to ashes

Now it's just too fucking late
Cadavers rise consumed with hate
Bodies soaked in strange compounds
The children of the toxic cloud!

Now down by the cemetery
A hideous emergency
Beginnings of catastrophe
Burning the body
On the freeway drivers panic
Zombies stumble through the traffic
Scent of brain-meat makes them manic
Burning the body
Now on every radio-station
Bulletins broadcast to the nation
Briefing on the situation
Burning the body
The whole world is convulsed in flame
And only we can take the blame
We've made a terrible mistake
Burning the body

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