Paroles de Burnt prarie

Joseph Kerschbaum

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The winds
Run unhindered
Through the fields surrounding my house.
The winds outside twist
Through the bare branches and leave me behind
A handful of myself.
The skies above are pregnant
With the rain they will not drop.
The rain would be inconsequential.
Everything in my eyesight
Was set ablaze and left behind.
None of this
Can soak up anything
The top soil and everything below is dead.
The seasons no longer change.
There are no leaves descending
And the fields are just waiting rooms
With patiently scorched blades of grass.
I watched the prairie burn
And did nothing.

I wait for a change that has already occured.
At night i dance in the fields
A dance of stumbling feet
Open mouths
And grasping fists.
If i could sacrifice something
I would sacrifice everything.
Opening my arms to change
I embrace the impossible
And hide from ever stranger walking down these dirt roads.

Is it like this everywhere?
Fleshless fields of amnesia and inability?
Are there other people standing in fields
Watching the moon rise and fall
Appear and disappear?
Out here the wind is the only movement
The only thing able to leave.
It's cold against my skin
And reminds me of kites i once flew.

I wasn't always like this.