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Date de parution : 04/07/2007

Durée : 0:06:31

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(tech n9ne)
You motherfuckers want to set me up and kill me
Yeah i mean these motherfuckers seem to be all about dreams havin my cake and eatin it
People see wea-ken-ess and greet the beast sinkin teeth in it
Even family hand me calamity cannot be sittin with insanity tryn to damage me
Even niggas who work with me havin fantasies of erasin the man in me
Look, you blood suckin mud fuckin punk chumps gay
Faggots and maggots tryin to get paid really better step away
Dirty harry'll call but he murderin ya'll scurry and fall
Nessecary to brawl with bitch ass niggas when i pass we bury them all

(krizz kaliko)
Wait wait wait
Cus if you could look up inside of my head
You you'd see where i keep the gun up on the side of the bed
And i'm watchin out for the whats in house cause im paranoid that every noise is mean for me to kill
Grab my millimeter steal
I'm a walkin zombie obviously feel like im going insane losing it more than a little bit
My life im dreamin bout killin it
Or reverse the gun and curse the one whose purpose is to hurt us now that you've got me nervous
Bury you both up in the verse
(stay awake)

(chorus) (krizz kaliko)
Cuz if you want to still (survive)
The way for you to stay (alive)
Is keep far away from me
(stay away from me can't nobody pray for me)
Cuz i can surely take (your life)
You cant hide from me stay away
All of them i will bury bury them all!!!

Its a shame to be
Hated on so angrily
And all these
People that came to see
The demise of me
And disguises we
Analyze them each
And decide if we
Wanna live in society
With all these people that we call friends
And when the hook is gone it all ends
So we sit there alone and pretend
Hopin no one'll notice when
You leave us like the latest trend
Cuz thats just how you bitches tend
And you wonder why
I stay away
With a back full of knives and a mind so twisted i can hear them say

Jamie madrox)
That's why we're center of the mix
Center of attention
So many levels to my mind's invention
Inquisitive minds always askin questions
Shoot em all down, that'll ease the tension
Dark sarcastic quit pretendin
Devil in they're eye when we try to befriend them
See it in their eyes with the money we're spendin
Cover your limbs cuz you know we're contendin
Avenging the essence of aggression
Too damn dumb, can't learn the lesson
Heart still broke, no sign of affection
Heavily medicated, forgot to mention
Talk backwards, that's my affection
Double headed axe, that's my protection
Straight to the blood rain ressurection
Believe and expect the unexpected


(1 ton)
Its catastophy
Stop harrasing me askin me
To many god damn questions
Im at capcity and that will blast for me bad for me
So i gotta count my blessings
One never do what they do
Two only you can be you
Three and everyone wanna keep scorin me whores
But no too many people wanna go hard core
Tryina get lifted watchin the pistons
Now where spittin the wicked shit like it was twiztid
Kids dont get wanna tip it gotta let there lip go and run off with it
Im hittin the wall gotta stand up when your scary to fall
Gotta man up when your makin the call and be tough when your walkin the hall
Twizted pot luck gonna bury them all

My whole life ive been strugglin to be free
And now its hard to believe that its me
When im flippin and rippin and takin over the mic
Im like a thief in the night with a venomous bite
Its gettin better and better with every rhyme that i write
Cuz its been a long time let me shed some light
Under the moon with the candle light
I was flippin every word like vanna white
Dont judge me dude you dont know me man
You dont know my crew or who the fuck i am
Step back with your redneck views we aint given a fuck we do what we choose
Oh im rude oh my bad sorry and shit i gotta take a stand
This ain't makin the band we and the man with a plan not anotha muthafucka wanna face this man
Listen damn
Understand just cuz your rich doesnt make you the man
It aint gettin no better look around its all bad
The american dream and the confederate flag
Little kids gettin lost brain washed so sad
Even the head of the class crash go bad
Sex and the drugs on the streets we ran
Momma never told me it would be like that


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