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Hands on eyes
We hide from the dark in the light
And i'll survive
When my heart's torn and all of my lungs sore
You're so right
I've been waiting for you all my life
You're right on time
For my heart to give out to your lung's allure

I wish i could rely on another's two feet to stand
Another's two feet to stand
I wish i could provide another alternative
Another alternative

When the weight of all your worlds come crashing on your skin
And all you ever wanted was a life to live again
You're not alone
You will carry on

And i found another reason to love the life i live
To see the world at large, to bury all my sin
I'm not alone
I will carry on


Bury now (x4)

You could take the easy way out
If you take the easy way out
Then my time's just not for you
I could be the void in your headspace
I could be the cure to your heartache


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