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Date de parution : 08/11/2005

Durée : 0:04:15

Style : Alternative

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What is the emergency?
Why are we moving so fast?
The questions you ask, they're too much for me.
If you don't know the answers,
Well i don't think we can last.

(chorus 1)
The things you want to know about me,
Are the things i already want you to know.
Or, things that i want you to find on your own.
How can that be wrong?

(chorus 2)
Yo soy lo que soy. (i am what i am)
No me voy. (i do not go away)
Buscandome. (looking for myself)

Should i explain what i'm trying to say?
Okay, here's how i feel in the nicest way.
Fuck you and everything that you believe,
You're supposed to know.
You deserve to know nothing.
Cause nothing's what you show!

(chorus 1 and 2)

It doesn't matter if i'm wrong or if i'm right,
It only matters in the long run.
It doesn't matter how long the fight.
I'm fighting till i make this right for every one.
Only thing that matters is when we're done.

It's over and nobody's won.

(chorus 2)

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