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Spork Kills

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Date de parution : 11/11/2008

Durée : 0:03:22

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Verse 1

Girl, you got me wrong
We got along
But not because of your strange chemistry
You're in the workspace next to me
And they got rules about this kind of stuff
Lots of folks wanna rock the boat
It's almost like they don't know you're not supposed
To put your lips on a chick, that you got to know
In the office, especially when she's one of your bosses
Of course, it's due to the forces of nature
That makes ya a fool when she offers
To head to the saloon for a foster's
You're only gonna end up gettin' the boot by human resources


Just say...
No way...
Someone stop me...
Hey, i got benefits, man, this job's great

Verse 2

Girl, you got me wired
It's awful dire
Let's not get fired
And it's not my pops that hired me anyway...
I ain't naming names...but you know what i'm sayin!!
Meet me at the water cooler for a nightcap
Nice memo, girl, did you write that?
We're in the office and this is how mike acts
I don't think this is what you meant by my staff
But despite that, we're doing the dirty
To think, it all started out with you bein' flirty
I bet you thought you'd never see louis in early
But this girlie's got her paws glued to my curlies


Just say...
No way...
Someone stop me...
I can't give all this 401k!

Verse 3

Girl, you got me whipped
There's lots of fish
To jostle with
Just not in this strange seascape rendering
Girl, you rocked my heart so hard
It's off the doctor's chart
And it smarts, but we ain't surrendering!
They sent in the general management
And a panel for examining sexual harassment
And the workplace analyst, heavy scrutinizer
Our first date will happen, when they send me to retire
Every supervisor likes getting ravished
Tell me who's the wiser if their eyes never catch us in the practice
If they do, they might let me have it.
Damn girl you better have a nice severance package


Just say...
No way...
Someone stop me...
Oh all these unused vacation days
Just say...
No way...
Someone stop me...
I used to have such a great resume

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