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Beach Boys

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I had to fix a lot of things this morning
'cause they were so scrambled
But now it's okay
I tell you i've got enough to do

The afternoon was filled up with phone calls
What a hot sticky day, yeah yeah yeah
The air is cooling down

Take all the time you need
It's a lovely night
If you decide to come
You're gonna do it right

Drive for a couple miles
You'll see a sign and turn left
For a couple blocks
Next is mine, you'll turn left on a little road
It's a bumpy one

You'll see a white fence
Move the gate and drive through on the left side
Come right in
And you'll find me in my house somewhere
Keeping busy while i wait

I get a lot of thoughts in the morning
I write 'em all down

If it wasn't for that
I'd forget 'em in a while

And lately i've been thinking Ôbout a good friend
I'd like to see more of, yeah yeah yeah
I think i'll make a call

I wrote a number down
But i lost it
So i searched through my pocket book
I couldn't find it
So i sat and concentrated on the number
And slowly it came to me
So i dialed it

And i let it ring a few times
There was no answer
So i let it ring a little more
Still no answer

So i hung up the telephone
Got some paper and sharpened up a pencil
And wrote a letter to my friend

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