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Busy not crying

Well i'm busy not crying and i'm too tied up to care
Not thinking 'bout her is a 24-hour affair
I can't weep, i can't worry
My whole life's just a hustle and hurry
Busy not crying over somebody that ain't there.

Early each morning i roll out of bed
Jumping all around and shaking my head
Trying to steer clear of the things she left behind
There's a pink pair of slippers and a coffee cup
One i can't fill, one not to fill up
Any more not to do and i think i'm gonna lose my mind

Moving each day at a mighty quick pace
But my heart stays in the same sad place
Nothing that heavy could ever catch up to me
It takes all the fuel i can fit in my car
To ride around the spots where the memories are
And it's a full-blown chore overlooking what's plain to see

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