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Lyfe Jennings

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Date de parution : 23/02/2010

Durée : 0:02:53

Style : R&B/Soul

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Busy again
I don't even know
Even know why i keep trying
(verse 1)
I call you on the phone
You are never home
You say dat you gone
Handling business
So babe
I hear that everyday
All i can do is pray
Your not losing interest
Its hard
2 know you got my heart
2 watch me fall apart
Every time you don't call
Its cool
But don't think im a fool
We all got things 2 do
But we make time 4 what we want
Hey oh oh oh oh
Hey oh oh oh oh
Hey oh oh oh oh
(verse 2)
I let you do your thing
Not get in your way
And try not 2 complain
But its like its useless
Cause you
Just take it as its cool
2 con-tinue 2 do
Whatever like i'm stupid
Im not
I just love you alot
And im not gonna stop
I just need a little talking (tal-kin)
What 4
2 keep my heart on course
Or else i might be force 2 find love somewhere else
Hey oh oh oh oh
Hey oh oh oh oh
Hey oh oh oh oh
(verse 3)
If you dont want 2 be here let me know
"can i call you back in like 3 minutes"
If you dont really love me let me go
"yo,you tripping i did not send you 2 voicemail"
"i was on the phone"
Dont keep me holding on
"no,no,no see my phone just been tripping lately"
Let my heart go somewhere it belongs
"my momma on the other line"
Hey oh oh oh oh
(hey oh oh oh oh)
Hey oh oh oh oh

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