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Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison

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Neon shining on the street tonight
Girls on the avenue
?? sittin' on a street corner cryin'
His heart is black and blue
Black and blue

Guitar strummin' to the ?? ?? ??
Cop car's rollin' by
Girl through the glass gets a drunk tattoo
Tear fallin' from her eye
From her eye...

I can't run and i can't hide
Pretty sure that i can't fly
Ain't no use
And i should have said my will is gone
Baby the night goes on and on and on
Shouldn't be missing you
But i do

?? ?? of a hurricane house
Shakin' outside my door
Walked 37 miles to see your face
But you ain't there no more

My heart starts beatin' like a steam locomotive
Eatin' up a downhill track
Should have known better that that's all gone
And you ain't comin' back
Comin' back...



But i do

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