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Ernie: bert? hey, bert? bert?

Bert: ernie, what is it? i'm trying to sleep.

Ernie: hey, bert, did you ever think about all the things you like?

Bert: well sure, ernie, but not now, huh?

Ernie: yeah but, just tell me something you like, bert.

Bert: ernie, i'm trying to sleep.

Ernie: oh come on, bert, just one. just name one thing that you like okay? name just one.

Bert: alright, ernie, i'll try.


I like paper clips

Ernie: paper clips?

Bert: paper clips!
I like bottle caps

Ernie: bottle caps

Bert: bottle caps!
I love pigeons, yeah

Ernie: pigeons?

Bert: love pigeons, oh, yes i do

Ernie: well, bert, you know
I don't really like any of those things
But i like you

Bert: aw, ernie

Ernie: i like playing jokes

Bert: playing jokes.

Ernie: playing jokes!
Love my rubber duck

Bert: rubber duck.

Ernie: rubber duckie!

Ernie: i like bubble gum

Bert: bubble gum.

Ernie: bubble gum! yes i do

Bert: well now, ernie
I'm not crazy 'bout any of those things
But i like you

Ernie: i like to lie awake
In bed at night and talk to you

Bert: yeah, i know
I like to say goodnight and go to sleep

Ernie: i like to go and see the big hippopotamus in the zoo

Bert: hey, ernie, you know what?

Ernie: what, bert?

Bert: i like that, too!

Ernie: i like jelly beans

Bert: jelly beans?

Ernie: jelly beans!

Bert: i like lentil soup

Ernie: lentil soup?

Bert: yeah!
I like a marching band

Ernie: i like a music box

Both: yes i do

Ernie: but though i don't always like everything

Bert: that i like

Both: still i like you

Bert: though i'm not too crazy about your rubber duckie

Ernie: though i don't love pigeons

Both: still we're awfully lucky
'cause i like you

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