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Dont you want to be a personality
An ocean in the sea
But youll never make it if you cant shake it
So dont mistake it just try and fake it
And i want you to know you dont have far to go
So we'll use all your dough to buy new clothes and see what flows
And powder your nose your almost on your way to popularity and we'll teach you to
Play with icy stare and punk rock hair and beat nick flair we'll take you there
Cause theres nobody else like you and we sure care just what your doing
And after we have gone our separate ways

Dotn you want to be a big time entity
Your place in history

But wait out in the hall we just recieved a call
We'll have to dump you all
But dont you try to pass us buy cuase we own you until were through
And theres so many round like you and we dont
Care just what your doing and after we have gone our separate ways
Hey yeah yeah hey

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