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Date de parution : 02/09/2012

Durée : 0:03:59

Style : Alternative

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London streets burning
We're on tv - worthy
Flowers have become dirt, got new crops to feed
To break whatever they see, to get what they need

The world is mine - clearly
I bring it down my way

Who the hell are you to tell me i'm misinformed?
The system is broken and soon you'll be turning on
The future is at war with something it can't recall
Is it right to fight the man, a man against man?

Overseas hiding
I'm telling you it's alright
Find the talking points while we water the seed
You will know when it's time to pick out the weeds

London streets, broken
Silently - you should...

Try to be tough, to be free, to be young again
To sing all the songs in your head that make you a man
Gather the soldiers to march on, to terrorize
Fight them since loving a thing can't be thought of twice

South of the sun is the way of the modern man
To fall into darkness and stay there if he can
South of the sun is the way of the modern man
To think he's the first to walk on open land

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