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Black Clint

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I've played the games, the masquerades
By the time the eleventh hour fades
You're bound to know that what i say is true
And i'm the one you're looking for
Every time you find that cheatin' door
I'll just keep pretending i never knew

But what are we in this for
When our hearts are on the line
And if a heart could brake
You're surely breaking mine
And if we fall to ruin
It wasn't my design
If i can have my way
There's no price i won't pay
To just keep buying time

I'll have to say i have my doubts
But i'll give all till i give out
And i'll do anything to make you stay
But this could be part of the plan
Maybe we were dealt a losing hand
I'll have to let the cards fall where they may

Repeat chorus

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