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It was durin' the summer 80 years ago,
Me an my friends were walkin to the show.
Some kids came up an offered us some stuff,
I wasn't sure what it would do to my mind,
But i decided just one time...
Started seein all these lasers and beams,
Like moldy coffee in my nightmare dreams.
And my friends were passed out in the grass
As i stared at my hand for a long, long time
Don't know what it was but it blew my mind
Must've been about 10 whole hours
Hearing the time
An eatin' the flowers
Rolling around without a case
Thought that all my friends were dead
Thought i had a fire on my head
Like shattered glass in the sky
Like flaming hot dogs --getting high
Butchered cakes and water bombs - cookie creams and robocops
14 guys sittin' on top...
It got dark and we were still there
Couldn't move, only stare
At the sign - said don't move
Then a light flashed in my eye
20 ft man watchin' me cry
It turned out that it was just the cops
Took me and my friends to juvenile lock-
Up and down and back again
Throwin up to peaks end (outta the car)
I was okay - much i don't remember
I was finally okay with a bad headache,
Nausea, and legs like a snake
Kickin' and rollin,
Coughin' up stuff that you see in the movies
Auto-voice control-movies
1995 dellfold entertainment & ncs

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