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Tomlinson Michael

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Say to me what you really mean
I won't ever give you reason to lie
See into me, what i am is in my eyes
And i'm willing to believe the same in you
I think i'm ready now, i'm only learning how
Is there anyone around who has a plan?
I'm not a lonely man, there are those who think i am
But i'd rather be alone until i'm standing by a friend
By a friend i've known only minutes
By a friend i've known all my life
To you friend i say let us go outside and play
In the laughter, in the rain
In the sunlight, in the pain
Everyone i've ever known needs a friend
A warm hand in hand
Every woman and man
You want to make a good friend, do it now
Brother why wait around?
Sister don't let me down
Cause you pass right by a friend
And they might never come again oh yeah
Don't you know me?
What i really mean
Is there something here that you can understand?
I am not afraid oh to open up my hand
And i stretch it out to see
If it's taken by a friend
Repeat chorus

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