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I long for this moment!
When blasphemy sung throughout the land
And tides of life change forevermore
Humanity falls black once more
As prophets murdered one by one
Behold the sign of darkness
Upon the blood-red sky

This day will mark a new dawn
A downfall for heaven's throne
A dawn for chaos and terror
The coronation of pure malevolence!

By a spear and a wooden cross
The son nailed dead and withers
Beelzebub's children feast on his wounds
Then life shall be burnt to ashes!

Hail the hordes of the unholy black arts!
Faithful servants of the dark one!
Minions of infernal legion!
Bearers of greater destruction!

Let mankind rot in their ignorance!
Let religions war among themselves!
Let the world changes its boredom!
Let life and death battle against time!
Our bond will grow forever
Our faith will be echoed through ages
We are large yet we remain unseen
We are the stream of impurity!

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