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Date de parution : 27/10/2014

Durée : 0:04:2

Style : Rock

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There is a ghost
Following me
Staring me down
And it's eating away at everything.

Could not notice
Currents it made
Too much, now
I'm seeing right through, seeing right through...

Diamonds will shine
Women will glow
Lines are crossed now
We're miles away from everything.

How could we notice?
When currents we wade
Too much, now
We all want it back, all want it back...

We leave behind
We leave behind
All the you and i's
We burn the fields for room to grow, it's by design.
We leave behind
All the desperate you and i's
We burn the bridges back to you, it's by design.

I've seen this before
Skeleton key unlocks that belfry door
Hinged on swollen frames
And completely warped floors.

The house will fall
Collapsing into itself
Now a fire burns,
And it's turning me on, it's turning me on...

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