Paroles de By the sea

Andrea Flanagan

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Date de parution : 19/09/2013

Durée : 0:04:15

Style : Rock

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I've been waiting for a chance to escape
But those roads never seam to head my way
The waterways have all been re-routed,
I'm just a fish trying to swim upstream

The sharks are circling tighter
But they don't know that i'm a fighter
Too bad apathy is running rampant
People all stand there just to see what will happen

So i played for the pelicans
And they danced in the air for me
While the seals nearby clapped along
And barked out of key
The waves crashed a steady rythm
Like natures timpani
And i sang for the last time
By the sea

A dolphin jumped just to say hello
Then it jumped again just so i'd know
Im not alone, no i'm not alone
Shells are crackling under the sun
Like snappers under my feet when i run
Just another part to add to poseidon's symphony

Chorus, whistle and ukulele interlude, chorus