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Lisa Germano

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Feels like dancing
Feels like falling
On the ground
Real hard
Feels like swimming
Feels like drowning
I know you think
That this is over... poor
And life goes on
Poor you must suffer
All alone
Feels like giving
Feels like taking
My light away
Feels like loving
Feels like hating
Let it go...
It's weird but i
Think i could reach you
Closed doors will open
But you have to want to go
Let it go let it go let it go let
It go
Feels like dreaming
Feels like nightmares
Waking up
Feels like living
Feels like dying
You took your love away
I know that you're
A sad man
But am i to pay
For your unfortunate
Choices? ... no
Let it go let it go let it go let
It go
Bye bye little doggy

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