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Phat Chance

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I walk the streets of this ghost town city,
So shitty with my luck and how i broke down,
Aint it funny how it's always coming unstuck,
Clinging to my dumb luck swimming while my hope drowns,

I must be negatively charged cause i'm positive,
That every time i get close, they catch the next boat,
I'm gonna get to the bottom of it,
If i have to drag myself to the bottom of it,


I love to stick them on a pedestal,
Lift them to a crowded peak, so their always looking down on me,
I'm sick of being so dependable, but isn't it commendable,
Just how effectively i keep 'em out of reach,

I see my women like they live on the clouds,
In some beautiful and innocent shroud,
But now every time my lips on her mouth,
I can't help but feel like i'm bringing her down,

And i'm a rational man, so passion be damned,
Fuck walking on egg shells, acting like i meant well,
I'll take one wrong two step, and manage to dance,
And aint afraid to take the pain 'cause i mend well,

I treat love like a sick joke,
I treat their touch like a wisp of smoke, from out the pistols nose,
Standing barefoot, in the winter snows,
Clutching the blood stain waiting for the wind to blow


I've got a mountain of need, my rivers run
From the clicking tongues, of children and their innocent fun, but
It's all games till someone loses an i,
And i lost myself plenty of times, to that one, though

We've, all been through some of this shit,
And the whole trips greater than the sum of its bits,
But i've folded when i should've been in,
And had the courage to bust when i shouldn'tve hit,

If i look a little bit like a lost lamb,
Living for each minute, but dangling from the second hand,
It's cause i've taken my time, to find peace,
And the time piece reminds me of my griefs,

So here's a late bloomer, forgetting all those years,
I struggled to grow, from all those fears, and doesn't it bode well,
For my off spring, until my dust sets flight,
To touch the sky, such is life,


Still walking the streets of this city alone,
But i don't need your pity or vogue, i got,
All i want from the women i've known,
And won't choke in the mirrors and smoke,

If i have to tread water, then i'm willing to float,
If i have to bend orders then i'm willing them broke,
I stay focused on my mission to grow,
And i've loved at least one now, by letting her go, so it goes,

C'est la vie say c'est la vie
C'est la vie, say, c'est la vie

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