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Jimmy Somerville

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Now i know where you go, what you do,
When you're away from me.
Who he is, what's his name, where he lives, all the aims,
But no longer will i play your foolish game.
You took me heart and you tore it in too many pieces,
But i've put it all together again.
There's a fire down in me
That's burning so bright
With a longing, with a yearning to be free.
I won't cry, i won't cry,
No i won't waste my tears,
I'll get by , i'll survive without you.
I gave you the stars, i gave you the moon and my heart,
But you took them all and threw them all away.
I don't want you, i don't need you,
Hard as i try,
I've got strength enough down inside for two.
When you leave, when you leave,
Just look the other way,
I won't waste my breath, my tears,
There's nothing to say.

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