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Three months. three days. three months. cliches. cliches. a
Treatise. yes, it's them again. for about the fifth f. time, in
This god forsaken town. first was cash n carry house dance. in
Manchester they're a. in king nat ltd empire. yer got a safeway
There. yer got a f. safeway everywhere. even in manchester.
There's two types of factory there. one makes old corpses. they
Stumble round like rust dogs. one lives off old dying men. one
Lives off the back of a dead man. you know which one. you know
Which factory i mean.* you know... you know... psychedelic
Brain mushes offers the alternative. they're all good
Boys.regular wages. the boss does the covers. they-are ok. by
Me. they just don't talk to me. i can see. i have dreams. i
Can see. i have dreams. and the secret of my life. is......
Secretive. kennen sie den weg nach? kennen sie den weg nach? the
Residents keep wild dogs. yes it's them again. music centre
Irritant. get your suits off. get your vinyl lids on. get your
Lee coopers on. have a shower son. go out to the club, boy. in
Your father's bedroom closet pack. contraceptives. pru plus
Plan. objectives. demob pictures. old train sets. kennen sie
Den weg nach? kennen sie den weg nach? some food is so fast.
Some food is so fast. now...i never worked for, this death on a
Plate stuff. i am not here to cheer you up! video reach, stereo
Bog, video reach, stereo bog. a quick fuzz, a quick fuzz. video
Reach, stereo bog, video reach, stereo bog. dissipates. are you
A bit too late? and the secret of their lives is... s. e. x.
Meet me here at 8pm. and we'll eat some meat in the rest room.
That's fame. stars on 45. stars on 45!! i keep my pockets
Lined!. stars on 45! i keep my pockets lined! a postcard
Hasn"t arrived! a postcard hasn't arrived! stars on 45!! i keep
My pockets lined! we all want fame: whip round and tell all the
Others: let's get some fame: for my brothers: and what about the
Others? and on boogy night, it'll be allright. and boogy night.
I'll feast on 45's. i'll keep my pockets lined. i'll keep my
Pockets lined.
(* reference to factory records. ed.)

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