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Now girl i know you're down to ride to the places we can go to. my cadillac's parked right outside you know it's old school. sittin low on them 64s, get to switchin if you cruise baby. it's only one thing i want you to know as soon yea.
(chorus) girl i love your body, i'm all up in your body. let me hit you off wit some cadillac love. i love the way that you move, come on baby let's cruise, let me hit you off wit some cadillac love.

Boy we rolling out tonight, can't wait till i can touch you. i know that i can get you right, you lookin good on them 22's. grippin grain on a saturday night, it's gone get crunk boy i'm feelin you. from the wood to the crome boy you know that's on it's on.
(repeat chorus)
I just want to ride(ride, ride)
So baby come inside, inside (repeat)
(repeat chorus 2x)

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