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Global Citizen

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Date de parution : 07/04/2009

Durée : 0:05:33

Style : Electronic

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Life without obscenity is bleak
And so i've plucked you from the street for a week
Stripped, blindfolded and trussed
I'm gonna keep you in my basement amongst the junk and dust

Caged, wanting to be saved
Becoming disenchanted, weak and depraved
Losing your own sanity, trying to keep your vanity
Beaten, choked and starved, you wanna get away from me

Life without obscenity is dreary
And so i'll do what i have to, to make you fear me
I'll beat you with your very own shoe
They say that you are yellow but you look black and blue

Caged, you're coming of age
Caged you're coming of age
Coming of age
You're coming of age

Life without obscenity is dull
And so i'll keep you in this cage, down in this hole
Naked with just one bar of heat
Sprawled upon a camping mat, you're just a piece of meat

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