Paroles de Cake and ice cream

Messy Marv

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Date de parution : 19/08/2008

Durée : 0:01:51

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Shes the brightes ive ever seen
Brightest ive ever know
Shines like 22" crome (shes a missing piece in my life)
Like a 24 carrot ring that needs a stone
Have you ever seen somethin so beautiful that will go and make you spend it all
If i didnt have her id be worthless like a king without a throne
If i was jacob i would probably sell everything i own
Just to have this jewel that i know id be lucky just to own
The thing that gets more valuble the more it gets sold
I think i might have found the perfect dimond

Baby girl reminds me of a jewelry store
Just look at how she shines shines shines
Like a superstar
Sweeter than a candystore
Just what i been lookin for
Ima maker her mine
So what am i waiting for

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