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Ive been throu the river
Ive gone throu the storm
Ive been throu the fire
The battles ive won
Lets start with november
I slept by an angel
That once she agreed
That is when she felt dead
I cant even begin to explain
The pain don cost me
Ill neva b the same
Now while that bullet it hurt
Ill have a whole parking lot
And ill neva question god
About how it tore me apart

Papa papa you live you cry
But i got over
Just check your calendar
They don't have meaning in my life
Think their pretty
But im a roller
Just check your calendar

December 25 he got on one knee
He told me forever
And i took the ring
We were so young in love
Cloud 9 everyday was like we were in heaven
He always put me first
Cause im lucky 7
But things got complicated
That puweree came brainin
She said ur 6 weeks pregnant
I said im only 17 yes so how will i know
What to do with a baby on my own
Will my family disown me
Will i lose everything
Will ya b there 4 me


We decided
To get married
Hav dis baby
Make a family
And my family
So happy wit me
Everything seems so blissfully
October 18 the best day of my life
I welcomed my treasure
Looked him right in the eye
And said mommy promises to give you the world
Just u make this girl into a woman now
6 months later april showers
Lie after lie revealed how it
Hurt me crushed me
Dis man i loved
Loved me
Was it not enough till i give up
Cause he cheated his family

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