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Stroke 9

pochette album California
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Date de parution : 07/02/2006

Durée : 0:04:26

Style : Rock

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Can't change how don't blame you the feelings will be shown propose the worst and i'm the first in line you're nervous on your own that you mean the world to me and the city and my soul disagree despite the rest it's not a bad sign last time 'round fast i'll see you on the way down life's a funny thing and you can't bring yourself to face it if you want to for your sake dear now i shake here i was raised and i was born here i couldn't leave california if i tried to where i'm gonna go can't say now do you understand that it's out of these hands of mine when i figure it out despite our plans i've got to draw the line you'll be the first to know (thanks to for these lyrics)

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