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Brandon Rogers

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Date de parution : 26/05/2009

Durée : 0:05:02

Style : Pop

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Ive got this one thing weighing on my mind
I feel this chemistry between you and i
I dont know if you can feel it
But ive got to end this mystery
So ill take my fate and seal it
Im picking up the phone before i sleep
And im a say

Baby girl i like the sound of your name
Ever since i heard you say it
My life aint been the same
I wanna get a little closer to you
I cant take it
All this waiting
I wanna hear from you

Call me back when you got the time
I just wanna know if you will be mine
Call me back when youre alone
Im waiting by the phone
I wanna know if youre alright
Call me back when you get in
Cause i just wanna know where i fit in
Call me back im on the move
Trying to get you
Dont keep me waiting up all night

You and me its just a matter of time
At any moment now
You will realize
Just the two of us
I know you see it
Girl close your eyes
Dont know what youre missin
Listen cause you know that im right

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