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Graham Parker

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Pre>bm g(twice)

Call me your doctor if you want, i'll get the cure out
To be administered before sleep
Call out the thing you really want and i'll be there
I'll make a housecall
Eabm g
I'll find the problem's root no matter how deep


Gbm ag a
Call me your doctor call me your doctor
Call me your doctorcall me your doctor

My hours can be flexible i'll never fail you girl
I'll lay my practice out at your feet
I don't have the skill to save the world
The national health is not my concern
But i'm legitimate ain't no cheat (then) chorus (then) instrumental verse

Call me your doctor if you want i'll be there with bedside manners
I'd love to treat you baby treat you real good(then) repeat chorus
Ead g
Oooh ooh ooh ooh oooh uh uh uh uh oh yeah
Ea dg
Call me your doctor oooh ooh ohh ay ay ay
Ea dg
Call me your doctor oh oh oh yeah
Ea dg
Call me your doctr (fade on whistling) /pre>

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