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Date de parution : 01/01/2000

Durée : 0:02:16

Style : Alternative

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Values here in my head
They're in my heart
They're in my soul
Valeus here in my head
They're in my heart
Well, they're in my soul
Values here in my head
Values here
Values here they're in my soul
Values here
Brotherhood is in my head
In my thoughts
They're in my soul
Brotherhood in my head
They're in my mind
Well they're in my heart

It is the weak who are cruel
Their worth is alway wrong
Compassion and kindness
Is only expected from the strong
A friend who's not faithful not caring
Won't last the fight
But my foes know my friends
This gives a lucky light
Compassion, loving, brotherhood, loyalty
This is friendship and all it's meaning is worth to me
Patience, kindness, intensity, all abound

Never turn your back on your friends or family!
Call on my brothers
I love you man
Call on my brothers
(deep down inside we're all brothers and sisters
We all bleed the same red blood,
So show love and respect for your fellow man, woman and animal)
Call on my brothers!

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