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Mc Zulu

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Date de parution : 11/10/2011

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Reggae

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Now this one have to be a special request to all of the people dem out deh so
Who wan party when the weekend come and keep dem head together
Because you know seh the straight job business a bare stress

But one question linger how the party done so early?
This is the reason why the bashment thing it never work! cause dem call red alert!
Over the airwaves, were doing alright
Thats your favorite song, right? gyal work your body all night (work your body now)
All through the place you see the ladies winding. going be off the meter, lets go
Meet me round there, from nine oclock they got a line around the block

I would think the powers that be would be grateful, people partying
Werent no incidents there last week, just pure dancing, me chatting
Gyal! youve got the perfect combination of beauty and brains, that it takes
To become a superstar in my world... just then i heard

Red alert
Dem wan come lock down the party
And under bare false pretense
Dem just a charge i fi murder
But kill a soundbwoy defense

Lord, zulu again! bad man til the end
Talking revenge, but you see me na consider no consequence
Because my microphone is lethal, mete out justice equal
We call the warning that you get before the murderation commence
Try keep it legal,

Because you know the deal
All this and that with dem damn gunshot never make them pause (me tell you for real)
Dem bwoy dem a fool, dem a idiot, dem wan fight like dogs
No ones learning, thats a trend now, me say most disturbing
Dj run the riddim fi ease dem burden, some of them prefer the

Red alert

True words, some people a gwaan like jerk, but me seh manners have to come first
Somebody give you what you deserve? no call red alert!

But girls? true your man him temper get worse, no bother seek no counsel from church,
No pretend the box and the kick dont hurt call red alert!

Some youth get out of order. dem dont know just who dem bothering.
Me slow motion with the temper.

Just because all of the rudebwoy things whe the bad man do inna the past never really found out by the boys in blue, dont think seh the badman zulu nah keep protection. yuh mad?

I walk with the mic thru creation, witness the berth of the devastation
Mek dem know seh babylon system it cyaant work. so call red alert

Anyway gyal, you just might be the best thing to happen to me all night
Well burn down the candles, more that most can handle hope we dont have no

Red alert

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