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Ordinary Boys

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Curl up tight into a ball, curl my body against the soil
Staring up here, at the cathedral wall
I will sleep tonight, be a baby, forget it all, be a baby
Watch the quiet stones, massive friend
Cathedral wall, i will sleep tonight

A mother to the living, a mother to the dead
Silent as the moonlight, i come to lay my head
And i won't know you anymore

The puckish evening rolls once more
Into the ravenous night of hunger pains
That keep our troubled souls awake
We are forbidden to explain

A mother to the living, a mother to the dead
My ghost will drink the moonlight
Magic stones, my heart and bones
And i won't know you anymore

She's cold, she knows me cathedral wall
She's cold, she shows i borrow, keep away
Keep you away my love, my love
And pray i might sleep tonight

The violence of my heartbeat, the violence of the blood
I will sleep with the cathedral
And, one day, you'll give up and i will love you
But i won't know you anymore

My frenzied and exhausted mind
Will somehow find a way to leave you for a time?
Condemned to lying and lying awake
(these chains are all your own)

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