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Date de parution : 15/11/2005

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Rock

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Surrounded by infection
Increasing mass forms our nation
Blind hordes create our demise
Succumbed to worthless living

I'll never follow you into your herded lives
I said, i'll never follow you into your unclean world
The dirt and selfish ways
A constant focal point to cloud and find a haze

What you fall is on is a falsehood
Of how time should pass by
You fall in deeper following one another
Fake, mindless reason pushed upon widespread volume

Fine line, invisible exception
A burning sense of misconception
Fly high to forget your demons
Invite them in to be your leader

Sold, feeling a blurring sense of motion
Forgetting what's important
Your living not just drifting
Your living not just drifting

Insure our forward movement by breaking life's
Unwritten rules of how to respect ourselves and nature
Killing our chances of survival
Step by step it's leading us to fade, burnt

Forced down a growing infestation
A deadly form of an outbreak poison
Killing our civilization, raped

A clearing image of what must be done
Our sickening culture is our dying home
A call to judgement on our days will gray
Form a recognition to pave a way

For our deliverance from the unbeaten ways of primal man
A crush of all disease and foreign substance
Free our minds of unnatural thought
Above the fall of man is where i make my stand
It's how i live, it's where i make my stand

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