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Date de parution : 05/02/2006

Durée : 0:02:34

Style : Alternative

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Im calling in sick
Im calling in sick
This is mike and im calling in sick
My leg got hurt got hit by a brick
This is mike and im calling in sick
I spent four years in the usmc
I learned how to fight
I learned how to drink
And when i got a real job i couldnt believe
So every monday morning
This is what youll here from me
Ive never had a job
More than minimum wage
Ive never worked an 8 hour day
And if my boss says son you gotta work late
As quick as i could say it
This is what youd here me say

Its 9:15 and im late again
I think ill finish that fifth of gin
Then ill call my boss and ill tell him again
Ill tell him that im not coming in

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