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Date de parution : 01/05/2000

Durée : 0:03:29

Style : Country

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(verse 1)
Calvary's story started in a garden with a choice by a woman and a man.
Where the whole human race found itself in need of grace.
And the story of calvary began.

(verse 2)
Centuries later, jesus in a garden,
Prays to let go of his own will.
And the father turns away on crucifiction day
As calvary's story reached a hill.

(verse 3)
The story led to a tomb in a garden,
Where one night the stone was rolled away,
And the long reign of sin came to an end
With the light of ressurection day!

Calvary's story is still be'in written;
It's a story of sin, forgotten, forgiven!
Every time a soul is saved heaven writes
Another page,
The cross and the nails maybe gone,
But calavry's story goes on,
It goes on!
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It goes on!
Its goes on!
It goes on!
It goes on!

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