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Verse; 1. i've been to big cities and small towns a lot of girls knew
My name they were fascinated by my game
When i arrived back in town i thought about you
Cause love were apart of me and you something
That i never knew

Verse: 2.darling you are my present at last,if we can
Rekindle the past cause i'm glade to see you again
A girl like you darling you're the one i would always

Verse :3. darling everyday you on my mind i thought about you all the time just how sweet it would be if you were here with me
Every since i came back in town my fantasy came true,a life with you here with me each moments darling something telling me to stay with you.

Chord: you're my destiny child, you're my destiny child,your
The one with the beautiful smile, your the one that made life worthwhile