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Chris Brown

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Verse 1:
Don't need ya name, girl
Don't need your number
This might seem strange but
Can't help but wonder
What it would be like
Just to be with you
Don't need to move fast
Just wanna think it thru
Like how you hold me
And what you told me

Girl, you don't even know me
Babe whatcha tryna do
Every time i'm looking in your eyes
Got me thinking boutcha
Wanna take you home
We need to be alone tonight
Tell me what you want
I wanna find out whatcha like

You make me say oooooh
Just wanna love youuuuu
Don't know what you dooooo
Just looking at youuuu
You make me say ooooooh
Just wanna love youuuuu
Don't know what you dooooo
Just looking at youuuuu

Verse 2:
I love the way you move
We're on the right track
Don't be a stranger
Girl, bring that ass back
Know who ya came with
And i ain't tryna take his place
But you thinkin' bout leavin' with me
It's written on your face
Like how you want me
How your body calls me

(hook+chorus) - (you know i ain't playin')

Verse 3:
Ohhhhh, let me and you dance tonight
And ain't nobody else but me and you, girl
My heart's involved this time
Don't know what it is but you make me say
Oh girl, just wanna love, just wanna love, girl
(chorus+yeahhh (100x))
Just wanna have you, wanna have you.. just wanna have you..
You make me say..

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