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Mario Winans

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I've made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime
Some worse than others
But i never thought i'd make the mistake of leaving you
Now i only have one wish
Please, can i come back home?

I know i've gone away for a while
I didn't want to settle down back then baby
My life's priorities are not in line
But i found that with you my life began
Oh baby

Everyone of us has a purpose
And i know i'm supposed to be with you
I wanna come home to ya baby
Don't worry there's nothing to lose

Can i come back home?
Or have i been gone to long
I wanna try again, to stay forever
Can i come back home, or have i been gone too long
I wanna try again
To stay forever

I wanna no if you could ever forgive me
For all the heartache and pain i have caused you girl
I thought i was missing something out there
But what i was missing was in you

Chorus 2 x

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