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Marty Robbins

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From where i stand i can see all the lights in the city
For one man to love one woman so much it's a pity
From where i stand i can see the canteen-a, she goes to
Where she's not supposed to but goes anyway

From where i stand i can hear the music and laughter
Camelia keeps tellin' me that's all her young heart is after
I see it differently, i see her there with a man
Camelia keeps lyin', i see, from where i stand

If there was one ounce of man left in me, i'd accuse her
What's left of a man knows for certain if i do i'll lose her
It wouldn't do to let her know i know she's lyin'
Or that i've been spyin', she'd never come back

Camelia, i almost despise the ground that you walk on
The reason i don't is, it's me not the ground, that you walk on
Constantly tormented knowing you're just partly mine
Camelia, i hate you and love you at the same time

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