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Matthew Wesley

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There's pieces of red ember,
Carelessly strewn around.
In an arbitrary form she moves her pretty body,
Across this once cold ground.

A bit history was written,
When she arrived,
But she went missing in the wars,
She was settled in pompeii,
And when the fire died,

She said "i've had enough of you for one lifetime".

Ring around the rosey, once more,
We'll play such silly games.
I'll bet i'll always know your number,
And i bet you forget my name.

You hear the calling from the deep, while you're asleep,
And it seeps into your mind,
Well i've been burning down the bars,
I know that you're not asking, but,
I'm doing fine,

Just that i've had enough of you for one lifetime.

So you move away,
To some distant corner of the world.
I see you every now and then,
In the heart of a child,
Or in the face of a loving girl.

The fire's gotten smaller,
But she still glimmers in the wave of the sun.
She's been lost at sea, a storm has been brewing,
But this room has room for one.

She said "i've had enough of you for one lifetime".

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