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One time for my niggas ??
???? mad on me on this one yo
I know i am wrong im just trynna keep it real
Last time i holla she was like you know the deal
She broke up with her man and now she wanna chill
But let me ???? confessing about how she feels
But on the low this is suspicious i have seen
Everything there is to see not to mention
My ex she ?????? ??????????
Cold world and they wonder why we pimpin
But my ex i gotta give her credit
She played me for a fool
I am forever indebted
Another life lesson learned i wont regret it
If it ever happens again i would never let it
People change a gentleman from the start
Now they keep telling me ?? is dead i lost heart
Id just rather keep it pimpin to play my part
Than be a ?? full lover have break my heart
Can i keep my pimpin on.

Moss plus two check the names on the guest list
No i keep it pimpin pimpin watch me perfect this
Never been arrested for nothing domestic
Shawty wanna trip then i saw her to the next chick
Yeah damn right i said it
These chicks be walking around big headed
It kills me
Lame n***s gas em up ??????
Talking bullshit cuz they pathetic
You feel me
Hustling is the only thing on my mind
Hommie used to ignore me now they wanna spend time
You heard them doing it big you see em on my grind
Never notice people forward now im fine
In that case
Drunk or sober call me over lights out
Rolling ????????????? out
Give me a call if you need me to lit a pipe down
Fuck a mrs. right i am looking for mrs. right now
Can i get my pimpin on.

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