Paroles de Can i keep you?

Nikki Loy

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I search papers and magazines,
Everything i can get hold of,
Tea leaves and sweet dream,
Even the stars above,
And what i keep on asking,
I'm not even sure i wanna know,
But i keep on asking oh....

Can i keep you?
Can i keep you?
'til the clocks wind down,
'til the sun burns out,
'til my final breath is the only sound,
Can i keep you?

And what twist of fate,
Would take me from your arms?
Could it be carelessness or a deliberate hand?
A force of nature or a woman?
Too much to withstand, and would you wanna go?


Without you it's constant aching,
Without you my heart keeps breaking,
Without you my world is shaken down, down, down,
It's shaken down, down, down.

And so i commit to treasuring,
Every moment that i'm near you,
'cause none can forsee how long i can be with you,
And i don't wanna lose you, so i won't hold on too tight,
And i don't wanna lose you, but i'm so aware i might.